Japanese Bobtails
Cats with the pom-pom tails

2009 Breed Council Meeting Minutes

Breed Council Meeting with the Board of Directors

1. Request for increased participation in Breeder Directory and in the Yearbook.

2. Question raised on evaluating requirements for BC Secretary - discussion ensured result was no changes would be made.

3. Encourage use of online Rapid Renewal for Breed Council Membership.

4. International Show in Atlanta- discussion on bringing previous National Winners for a competition among the NW's.  This idea did not receive much support.  Suggested bringing previous National Winners to have on display at the Breed Booth area.  This idea received more support.  Since the cats would be on exhibition, donations could be raised to defray the cost of entering.

5. Meet the Breeds in NYC- Media Event - expecting upwards of 30,000 people over the 2 day period.

Japanese Bobtail Breed Council Meeting

12 members present:

Megan Antijunti, Allen Scruggs, Paula Noble, Rosina McGlynn, Olivier Grin, Lynn Search, Laura Shimer, Kendall Smith, Lorna Friemoth, Nancy Jenkins, Douglas Myers and Karen Bishop.

1. Congratulations to all the National Winners (3), Regional Winners, DM's, Grand Champions and to all those who got out there and showed this year!

2. Standard Changes:  Housekeeping issues read to group on tabby patterns

Language change on dominant vs dilute (Lynn, Olivier, Kendall & Megan will get proposed change written with a rationale and sent to me by 8/1.  The intention is that all colors are equal, not what it presently states with dominant colors are given preference.

3. Request to add pointeds to the AOV class was discussed and met favorably by the majority present.  Marianne will draft a proposal and rationale.

4. Meet the Breeds in NYC- plans for our JBT booth include
a PowerPoint presentation that will show, the colors of JBT's, some really good pictures that will show the different types of tails, some pictures of JBT's in art history, past and present JBT Breed winners Best, 2nd & 3rd Best of Breed, and pictures of National Winners in Kittens, Championship and Premiership.  Will send out more info in a couple of weeks.  If you can think of anything else that would be interesting to the general public in a slide format, please email me.

5. Nancy Jenkins is looking into the  cost for a Breeders Directory /spectators guide where you could take an ad for a minimal fee to help defray the cost of the Directory.  It will be open to Breed Council members only, so remember to sign up by 8/1.

6. Looking for toys or some kind of freebie handouts for the general public as they stop by the JBT booth.  Any ideas are welcome. 

7. PowerPoint presentation needs as many different colors of Japanese Bobtails as possible.  Please send pictures of solids, tabby, silver etc. as well as traditional colors  and dilutes to me at bishoparch@aol.com.  They need to be high resolution and in a jpeg format.  Any questions let me know.

8. Pictures of JBT's running Agility are also needed, Kendall, Megan and Lorna will be sending some pictures.  If anyone else has pictures of JBT's doing agility please send them on also.

9. Lynn Search is working on an awards booklet for this past season.  It will feature the DM's and Top 10 scoring JBT's.  She will be contacting you shortly.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Bishop
Breed Council Secretary.