Japanese Bobtails
Cats with the pom-pom tails

2010 Breed Council Meeting Minutes

Japanese Bobtail Breed Council Meeting - June 2010 Annual

Agenda with Minutes

Members present: Marilyn Knopp, Rosena McGlynn, Doug Myers, Allen Scrugs, Mary Newmarch, Jan Poole, Jennifer Reding, Lynn Search, Gena Garton, Kelli Wilson, Paula Noble, Karen Bishop'

Guest: Laura Barber and Kevin Mathis

1. Congratulations to this year's winners!

Congratulations to Rosena & Jim McGlynn in Championship, Marilyn Knopp in Premiership. And congratulations to all breeders & owners who earned Regional wins and Distinguished Merits and congratulations to all those who granded cats this season!.

2. Support all JBTs showing.

There was discussion on showing our JBTs in a positive and sportsmanlike manner and getting along with each other. It is important to be positive of each and all wins achieved by all JBTs.whether they belong to us or to someone else! What is important is to be positive about the breed.

3. Breed Council membership

Remember to renew your Breed Council Membership!

4. Breed Council Secretaries meeting with the CFA Board.

a. Central Office suggested combining the breed pamphlets into 1 booklet to be hand-outs at the shows instead of our present individual breed profiles.They have sponsorship for the booklet already. It will be 11 x 17 in color.

b. Discussion on DNA information as a basis for adjusting breed prefix numbers.

c. Discussion of including a brief history of each breed in the breed standard.

5. Meet the Breeds Discussion.

a. We need friendly and outgoing cats.

b. We need 4 to 6 people for each day.

c. Funding is very limited.

d. Handouts - coloring pages for kids on Japanese Bobtails.

6. Breed Presentation at the June 2011 Annual for the Judges Workshop - it is our turn to present the Japanese Bobtail at the Thursday meeting for all the judges in attendance.

a. Sponsorship for the booklets, handouts and disc.

*Doug and Allen volunteered to sponsor the booklet.

b.Topics from breeders and Judges.

Areas of concern at our meeting:

Head shape, body type, eye shape, tail, leg angulation.

c. Representative cats.on display

7. Continue to register litters.

a. Online

b. prepay registrations

c. encourage pet buyers to register their litters

8. Support CFA and CFA shows by showing & being an Ambassador to the public at the shows.

Respectfully submitted by,
Karen Bishop, Breed Council Secretary