Japanese Bobtails
Cats with the pom-pom tails

2011 Breed Council Meeting Minutes

Japanese Bobtail Breed Council Meeting - June 25, 2011 - Annual Meeting, Reston, VA 


Members & Guests Present

Bob Walton, Sr, Carol Schwartz, Paula Noble, Jeff Baker, Megan Antigunti, LCDR Kurt Williams, Bob Roseberry, Masanari A. Takako Kojima, Allen Scruggs, Seth Baugh, Beth Graham, Kelsey Friemoth, Jennifer Reding, John Friemoth, Lorna Friemoth, Lynn Search, Shelby Friemoth, Laura Barber, Marilyn Knopp, Monique Van Eyk, Rosina McGlynn, Henny Wintershoven, Olivier Grinn , Vanadis Crawford, Karen Bishop, Betsy Dark  


Welcome New Members

Laura Barber & Vanadis Crawford


Thank you

A heartfelt thank you to the following individuals who devoted so much time and effort to making the revised web site, the awards booklet and slide program for the Breed Council meeting. A special thank you to Carol Schwartz for her handmade crocheted cat toys and to Vanadis Crawford for her origami wrapped Maneki Neko chopsticks that were given to everyone who attended the meeting.

Webmaster for CFA JBT Breed Council – Vanadis Crawford

Awards Coordinator – Lynn Search

Slide Presentation of Winners – Vanadis Crawford

Preliminary Judges Workshop PowerPoint Set Up – Jill Archibald

Booklet Layout/Printing – Dennis Allen

Financial Contributors

JBT Breed Booklet for the Judges Workshop – Douglas Myers and Allen Scruggs

Awards Booklet – Lynn Search & Laura Barber


Slide Program of JBT Breed Winners

Congratulations to all who showed Japanese Bobtails this year including National Winners, Regional Winners, DMs, and Grands. This year we had 2 National Kitten Winners: 12th Best Kitten, a shorthair kitten, Ticketyboo Mikomi, bred & owned by Jim & Rosina McGlynn and 17th Best Kitten, a longhair kitten, Ticketyboo Nori, bred by Jim & Rosina McGlynn, owned by Marilyn Knopp, Rosina and Jim McGlynn.

Presentation of JBT Breed Council Awards

Awards were given to the top-10 Adults, Kittens and Premiership cats, DMs, and top-3 Agility winners. We had an awards booklet in color with pictures of the winners and certificates from the Breed Council. Rosettes were presented by the Japanese Bobtail Fanciers breed club .

Click here to see the presentation of this year's winners. (Adobe Reader required)

The Breed Council is looking for financial sponsors for next year's awards program. Perhaps a group of you would like to get together and contribute. Anyone interested please contact the Breed Council Secretary.


Report on Breed Council Secretary Meeting with the CFA Board

Update on new combined Breed Pamphlet- all breed writeups are now uniform in length. If a breed has 2 divisions, only one will be pictured. We will rotate pictures on the breed pamphlet, this year is the shorthair, next revision will be the longhair.

There will be no breed article in this upcoming yearbook. There was a poor response from Breed Council Secretaries in the past, so it was decided to do away with the breed articles.

Discussion on giving all 3 National Breed Winners the ability to use the BW title. It did not meet with approval. We also discussed extending national breed wins to kittens and premiership cats. It was felt that this should remain on a regional level.

CFA will send certificates to the Breed Council Secretary for Top 10 Kitten, Championship and Premiership winners to encourage yearbook advertising.

Breed exhibits at National show in November in Indianapolis, IN

We will have a breed booth at this show and I am looking for cats that can be used as representatives of our breed. They will be benched with the breed booth. If you can come and bring a cat, please contact me.  

Breed Council continuing education updated programs are needed by 9/18/2011. Ours is already handed in.  

Request to move the Breeds and Standards meeting from February to June or October because of weather concerns was voted down. The meeting this year may be in Alliance, Ohio.  

Discussion on how far back in a pedigree do the breed councils want to go, what specific traits are you trying to keep and will DNA testing take care of it. How many generations do we want to go back to accept a cat for registry.  


Report on Breed Presentation at Judges Workshop

I presented portions of the Japanese Bobtail standard to the judges who were at Judges' Workshop. I was assisted by Doug Myers and Lynn Search and Melanie Morgan.

The program was based on our JBT Breed Council meeting last June where we discussed areas of our standard that we felt needed clarification. I prepared a PowerPoint program and had booklets available for all the judges with the PowerPoint slides. You can see the presentation by clicking here. (Adobe Reader required)

Comments made by the judges during the presentation were:

  1. Too many cats are being shown overweight.
  2. Judges are concerned about ear size and placement in the longhairs.
  3. Certain areas of country are not getting triangular shaped heads, they are too narrow across the top.
  4. Size of tail (I did explain that nowhere in our standard does it say the tail must be a certain length, it only says it cannot be longer than 3”) and difficult to feel the bone.


New Topics for Discussion

The following proposals were distributed to the attendees at the Breed Council meeting.

Proposal to add registering pointed cats as AOV’s to the ballot was read and discussion followed. It seemed to meet favorably with those in attendance.

Proposal on revising wording for “in the dominant colors bold and dramatic colors and by adding “No preference given to one color over another” and in the dilute colors soft muted markings and gently contrasting colors. Favorable response from those in attendance.

Note: As it was necessary to leave the meeting room to allow the Russian Blue breed council to hold their meeting, the discussion of standard change proposals moved to a table in Panera. Your breed council secretary had another commitment so Lynn Search recorded notes from that meeting.

Attendees were: Megan Antijunti, Bob Roseberry, Olivier Grin, Laura Barber, Vanadis Crawford, Jennifer Redding, Lynn Search. Beth Graham & Paula Noble.

Proposal to revise the penalize section to add “excessively heavy boning” to penalize.

Proposal to add to the disqualify for length of tail “(extending longer than 3” from the body)” so judges would know how long was too long.

Proposal to reorganize point allotment and add points for Balance and Refinement.

Proposal to reorganize the color classes for greater uniformity. Olivier Grin will be working on this and will present his work to the council members.

Once I have all the proposals in writing from people, I will post them to the BC Secretary list so we can have a discussion online about the various proposals.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Bishop
Japanese Bobtail Breed Council Secretary