Japanese Bobtails
Cats with the pom-pom tails

2013 Breed Council Meeting Minutes

June 29, 2013

Japanese Bobtail Breed Council Meeting

Members & Guests present:

Paula Noble                    Lynn Search                 Susan Eckert

Linda Donaldson            Gena Garton                 Vanadis Crawford

Yukiko Tersashima         Marianne Clark             Laura Jo Barber

Jill Archibald                    Betty Carruthers           Kendall Smith

Marilyn Knopp                 Rosina McGlynn           Bob Roseberry

Melanie Morgan              Tim Fowler                    Jennifer Reding

Mark Campbell               Megan Antijunti

Congratulations to all the owners of Japanese Bobtails who showed their cats so beautifully.  (Grands, DM, RW, NW & AW) this season.  A special thank you to Dennis Allen who prepared and printed our awards booklet.  A special thank you to Lynn Search who notified all the winners and collected all the pictures for the awards booklet.  A very special thank you to Vanadis Crawford who maintains our JBBC website, designed the rosettes, printed & laminated the award certificates, did the layout for the awards booklet and created our awards slide presentation.  Without the generous sponsorship of 2 of our members neither the awards booklet nor the lovely rosettes would have been possible.

CFA Board Meeting with Breed Council Secretaries:

  1. Reminder to renew membership by 8/1/2013, also discussion on changing the membership due date to 1/30/2014.  Breed council Secretaries are in favor of changing the date to January.
  2. Discussion on how to access different lines in older pedigrees.  It may be possible when the new computer system is totally active. The purpose would be to get CFA’s assistance in identifying little used lines from the registry to increase genetic diversity.
  3. Discussed ways to recruit new members from overseas, language is a problem.
  4. Breed Booths should have sponsorship money available for the World Show.
  5. When the new computer system is up and running it may  be possible to get copies of all of the past breed standards.
  6. New Color class requirements- the board would like to see sustained interest over several years when a new color is being introduced. They would also like to see different examples of these new colors.
  7. The Board does not believe in making a lot of changes to the standard.  “A standard should be a standard and not subject to frequent change.”

Lynn  Search brought up the possibility of Region 7 hosting the JBF show the end of March 2014.

She also brought up the possibility of ring sponsorship from the Japanese Bobtail Breed Council for the National Capital show in Arlington, Va. in September 2014.  The cost is $1200, and if decided, funding would have to figured out.

We watched the lovely slide presentation, and the certificates and rosettes were presented. 

A general discussion followed.

Vanadis Crawford discussed the World Cat Congress show to be held in Miami, FL on March 8&9, 2014.  There are many different associations represented at this show.  Wayne Trevathan will be judging 1 ring and Jill Archibald will be officiating CFA Feline Agility.  It is a TICA sponsored show.

Discussion on the problem with registering the black smoke color, if there are still issues with registering a color with the right registration pre-fix please copy me when you notify central office.

Thank you for your continued support of CFA.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Bishop

Japanese Bobtail Breed Council Secretary