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A message from the Breed Council Secretary ...

Welcome to CFA's Japanese Bobtail Breed Council website dedicated to our wonderful and adorable breed and breeder' accomplishments in the show ring.  The purpose of a CFA Breed Council is for CFA breeders to work together and also work on a unified, healthy vision of our breed to be presented at shows, but mainly for their important job of being a devoted family pet. One of the most important aspects of showing is personality. We know that a cat who loves to go to shows, handled by strangers and can be comfortable in strange surroundings will make those wonderful companions.  We are proud to be part of the CFA family of breeders and proud that CFA was the first feline registry in the world to recognize this unique breed in 1969.

For visitors to this site other than council members our mission through the years the Breed Council has striven to keep the same look as our first breeders.  The journey the Breed Council has made is mainly with new colors, but always those found in the streets of Japan to keep true to our cats' heritage.  In keeping with this idea we use a unique term for our calicos.  We call a tri-color (calico) cat of black, red and white a Mi-ke (Mee-Kay) meaning three fur.  It is said that each color has its own texture.  We call dilute calicos (blue, cream and white) Dilute Mi-kes and so on.  However, for over 40 years we have use the term "Patterned" for our Mi-kes who have tabby markings, such as a Silver Patterned Mi-ke.  You will see these color descriptions with our winning cats.  In conjunction, we have added the term patterned to all cats with tabby markings in 2008, so you may see a cat that is called a Brown Patterned instead of a Brown Tabby.  We have added many colors, the longhair coat length, and changed the standard to fit both males and females without giving preference to either.  Our newest color to be accepted is Siamese markings or "pointed." You will see color descriptions when visiting our Winners and Distinguished Merit Cats.

Other ways the Breed Council has helped the breed to remain vital is by keeping an open registry for cats from the Japanese and Kurile Islands.

Members on the Council are dedicated to this breed. Thank you to all who participate and thank you to all who have gone before me in the Breed Council Secretary position. "Producing quality offspring is the goal of everyone's breeding program.  The titles and wins are a testimony of that hard work."--Karen Bishop

Marianne Clark
Breed Council Secretary 2018