Japanese Bobtails
The Natural, Native Cat of Japan 


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Welcome to the website for the CFA Japanese Bobtail Breed Council. We welcome everyone who is interested in this natural, native cat of Japan!

Join us in celebrating our very best of 2016!

Best Longhair in Championship 

GC, BW, RW Nudawnz Hitomoshi
of Chome Chai 
Best Shorthair in Championship 

GC, BW, NW Wyndchymes I'm So Fancy


Best Longhair Kitten 

Coming Soon!

GC Karol Pierre Gustave of Chome Chai

Best Shorthair Kitten 

GC, NW Benhana Hannah


Best Longhair in Premiership 

GP, NW Nudawnz Meguru of Chome Chai

Best Shorthair in Premiership 

GP, NW Benhana's Last Samurai