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The Natural, Native Cat of Japan 

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Welcome to the CFA Japanese Bobtail Breed Council website.
We welcome everyone who is interested in this natural, native cat of Japan!

What is a Breed Council? 
The CFA Breed Councils were established in 1970 to serve as an advisory body on breed standards to the CFA Executive Board. Each of the breeds recognized by CFA for championship competition has its own Breed Council and Breed Council Secretary. 

The CFA Breed Councils are comprised of individuals experienced in their chosen breed/division section, and who meet other eligibility requirements established by the CFA Executive Board. Each Breed Council channels opinions and suggestions from the individual breeder to the Board through the specific breed secretary, and the breed standard is updated as the breed progresses. From time to time, each breed council also updates its breed profile, a more informal introduction to the breed.

How can I join the Breed Council?

You must meet the requirements specified by CFA, and submit a membership application, please visit http://www.cfa.org/Breeds/BreedCouncils/AboutBreedCouncils.aspx for more information. 

The Japanese Bobtail History in Japanese Art